photo credit: Michele Mateus Photography


I create my artwork as a way to connect with and create grace…calm…peace. The colours that surround me in the Pacific Northwest…blues, greys, greens, vividly intense on a summer day, misty and muted during the long rainy winter…are a natural fit to bring these qualities to life in my paintings. The linear quality of the work creates an underlying and soothing rhythm, inviting the viewer to slow down into a relaxing, restorative tranquility.

My paintings are created from cloth I have dyed and painted myself. Parts of my process (choosing only a single form (the rectangle) with which to compose my work, the use of lines, the precision of the construction methods) are reflective of the analytical and structured qualities of my software engineering background. The artist in me softens these more rigid constructs thru the use of cloth, thru the organic shape of each rectangle, thru the slow intuitive mark of the hand that combine to create each finished painting.

My current work explores the idea of passageways - speaking to me of portals, a transition point from one place to another, inviting us to step in to a new dimension, to be open to seeing and experiencing new adventures. This body of work had its beginnings in my recent series “Coastlines” as I began to allow the qualities of texture and color to guide me to the finished painting rather than to a more concrete predetermined outcome.


Mardell is an internationally exhibited studio artist working out of Studio Southwynde in Burnaby, Canada where she can be found surrounded by luscious textiles, walls of thread, and pots of dye.

She began exhibiting her art in 2014 with show venues at various locations in France, Italy, the U.S. and Canada. To date, paintings have found their way to homes in the U.S., Australia and Canada. 

Mardell gives back to her community by contributing a percentage of all sales to the Food Bank in Vancouver, Canada.


Here’s what my very patient collector had to say about Beaches #1 after purchasing it two years ago at the opening showing at the Stratford Perth Museum in Ontario, Canada:

" I was drawn to your art immediately and continued to return to it while I was there and think about it after I returned home. It spoke to me in ways I could not have put into words well. You did so beautifully on your website where you describe what informed you in this gallery series." Barbara K