Confessions of an Artist

Watercolour on paper

Watercolour on paper

So I have a confession to make. I’m an artist, who doesn’t know how to draw! EEK! I'm stepping way out of my comfort zone to post this photo of my attempt to sketch and paint my favourite vase.

I have always loved shape, line, colour and texture but for most of my adult life, I did not believe I was artistic because I can’t draw. Several years ago I was floored when Lisa Call, whose ‘Working in a Series’ online class I was taking, called me an artist. After some initial shock and fear, I decided to embrace this new role in life.

I had always thought that I didn’t know how to draw…but...seriously….if you can pick up a pencil and make a mark, any kind of mark, then…you can draw. There. By that definition, most of us can draw! And guess what! Whether you can draw or not doesn’t determine if you are an artist. There is a mind-blowing freedom in coming to this conclusion!

I love to learn new skills so I have been working v…e…r…y  s…l…o…w…l…y thru Liz Steel’s Foundation Sketching class. I love Liz’s approach: her loose style, the joy she takes in sketching, her focus on the process, rather than on some illusion of perfection. For me it’s about observing objects in new ways, and learning how to translate that on to a page. Well, that and who can resist an excuse to use those gorgeous Opuswatercolours!