Pondering a name change

Balance #16 - 18"x20" cotton, dye, thread

Balance #16 - 18"x20" cotton, dye, thread

Last week I attended an art salon critique session hosted by Michael King at 100 Braid Street Studios. It was a nice group of painters, with me being the only non painter in attendance. Michael began the session with a comment about the importance of the title when looking at a piece. Because I work in series, my titles are always the name of the series, followed by a number starting with 1 for the first piece in the series, and so on. Hearing the names of the paintings we reviewed definitely influenced how I interpreted the pieces we were looking at.

It was fascinating to listen to the discussions about chroma, temperature, value, and design strategies as well as the way the painters approached their compositions. And what a novel concept to be able to go back to the painting and redo parts of it…something that isn’t easily feasible on a completed textile work.

When it was my turn, I presented Equilibrium #1. I was pleased with the very positive comments and reactions to the piece. It was interesting to hear the reactions of non textile artists to my work. I very purposefully try to find opportunities where I can be in the company of artists who work in a variety of mediums as I find there is much to learn from the way different mediums influence process.

The second piece I presented was Balance #16, one of my favourite Balance series pieces. I find it soft and tranquil.  Much silence and perturbed contemplation ensued.  I started to feel worried about what the comments might be, but as with all the previous critiques, the comments were kind and constructive. The feedback I received was very thought provoking, causing me to seriously consider renaming my inaugural series.  For now, I’m still pondering.