's a precarious thing

Balance #17 18"x23" - cotton, dye, thread

Balance #17 18"x23" - cotton, dye, thread

When I decided to start working in a series, I needed to choose a subject that deeply interested me.  I chose Balance.  Much of my life has been a study, in one form or another, not so much about balance, as about lack of balance.   

From not being able to say no early on in my career as a software engineer, to having my balance system damaged during surgery, the theme of balance has showed up over and over.  Living with the inability to physically balance my body keeps this squarely in my daily consciousness.  

In many ways, this lack of physical balance has been a blessing for me. It's forced me to slow down and look at what is important to me, to choose each day what is the most valuable thing to spend a finite amount of energy on for that day. It's given me a focus in my art, and a wealth of ideas to explore in my pieces. 

In our every day world, balance is at play in a variety of ways. On many levels, from global to local, there is a need to balance the resources we consume with the quality of life we've come to expect. There is the ongoing focus of the balance between nature and the environment, and the impact of humans on these systems. For individuals, there is the balance between how much time to spend at work, and how much time to spend with family, where to spend the precious resources of time and money, when to balance the security of a child with their need to become independent...the opportunities for balance, and imbalance to occur are endless.

Where do you feel a lack of balance in your life?