Long Beach, Canada

Long Beach, Canada

Welcome to my initial blog post!  In keeping with my word of the year “Visible” I am shaking off my reluctance to be seen in the world, bravely dipping my toe in the waters of blogging.  In upcoming posts, I plan to share my thoughts on the influences that inform my artwork, as well as give you peaks into my studio work.  

From a young age I have been inspired by texture, colour and fiber in various forms; embroidery, beading, stitched linen work, and garment construction have all been in my repertoire. These have all been overtaken by working with textiles to create textile paintings. 

In the late 1980s I ventured into the world of traditional quilting, taking a beginner’s class at a local shop.  After taking a number of workshops from both international and local teachers, I came to the realization I didn't really like to follow patterns.  I began to design my own pieces and now use a combination of commercially available cottons, and cotton which I have dyed, painted, batiked, and marked in other ways to create my own unique textiles.  

I enjoy working in a series, which allows me to explore a theme in more depth than is possible when creating only one piece on a particular subject matter.  Currently, I’m working in two series, Balance and Equilibrium.  The Balance series looks at the ways in which balance affects our lives on a myriad of levels.  The Equilibrium series explores ideas of multiple variables, and the interactions which take place to keep them all in a state of balance.